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Genealogies and Family Histories list:

Genealogy room | Goessel Museum

At this point in time the genealogies can not be check out, but research can be done undisturbed at the Museum.

The list below is only intended to give a general idea of what the Museum has for research. This information must be obtained in person.  Please do not ask staff to look up things for you, as this would take valuable time from many other Museum projects.  Also PLEASE check Museum hours at bottom of this page if you are planning a trip to the Museum.

  1. Heritage and History of the Adrian-Frey-Loewen Families  Comp. by Loretta (Hopp) Adrian 2003

  2. Heinrich Baltzer Genealogy 1959  Comp. by Mrs. J.J. Voth with an addition comp. by Mrs. Anton Schmidt and Mrs. Ferd Duerksen  1970

  3. Donaldson - Prairie Girl - Memoirs of the Midwest by Bess Allen Donaldson

  4. The Johann Duerksen Geneology  1833-1978  Comp. by Elsie (Duerksen) Schmidt

  5. Genealogy of Cornelius and Justine Schroeder Epp  1949

  6. The Flaming Story, The story of an Anabaptist Family from 1530 to 1975  by Peter P. Fleming

  7. The John Frantz People from Poland to Central Kansas  by Raymond F. Wiebe  1979

  8. Leaves from My Family Tree by Stanley Freed  1996 

  9. The Genealogy of Heinrich Friesen 1786-1979  Collected by Ethel E. Griffin

  10. The Franz Goossen Genealogy Book  Comp. by Gloria Goossen 1998

  11. The Heinrich Goossen Genealogy  Comp. by Alvin Buller 1953

  12. Graeve Genealogy 1791-1978  by Donna Jean Graves Voth

  13. The Groening Wiebe Family 1768-1974  Comp. by Joel A. Wiebe, Vernon R. Wiebe and Raymond F. Wiebe

  14. J. H. Goertzen Family History 1869-1994  by Helen Goertzen Bachman

  15. Christian Herrfort Genealogy - The Henry B. Schmidt Family  by Elsie H. Friesen Epp

  16. Abraham Hiebert - 1839-1875

  17. All in Our Family Tree, The Mennonite Heritage and Descendants of Johann Klassen, 1787  by Elsie H. Friesen Epp

  18. Jacob Krause Family Book (Anna Pankratz Buller Krause)

  19. On Growing Up in Abilene, Kansas 1898-1916  by Deane W. Malott

  20. From David Nachtigahl 1798-1867 to Jacob Nachtigal 1860-1925 and Beyond by Korothy (Nachtigal) Wiens  2006

  21. Tobias Nachtigal Family Record  by Sandra Kelly Nightengale

  22. Abraham J. Nikkel Genealogy  1858-1990  Comp. by Nancy (Voth) Stucky

  23. The Jacob Pankratz Genealogy  Comp. by Helena Schroeder Schmidt 1940

  24. Our Kansas Heritage, A Memoir of the 1920's and 1930's  by Robert M. Peters

  25. Our Family Heritage (Ratlaff)  by Agatha (Enns) Ratzlaff  1992

  26. The Ratzlaff Report 1997-1999  Patricia Dissmeyer Goff, ed.

  27. Aaron Reimer Genealogy 1775-1953  Comp. by Edna Nachtigal

  28. The Heinrich Richert Genealogy  Comp. by Helen Riesen Goertz  1937

  29. Mennonite Pilgrems  1892-1973  (contains "The Life of Dr. Peter Richert")

  30. Genealogy of Jacob and Helena (Schroeder) Schmidt 1823-1985  Comp. Elsie (Duerksen) Schmidt

  31. John J. and Elisabeth Rempel Schmidt,  Comp. by Anna Beth Birky  2003

  32. John J. and Elisabeth Rempel Schmidt, Family Record and Memories  Comp. by Anna Beth Birky

  33. Menno and Esther Unruh Schmidt-A Family History  by Jan Niles  2001

  34. Heinrich J. Schroeder, 1856-1945 and Eva Pankratz,  1953-1913

  35. You Just Can't Do That Anymore  by Frieda Pankratz Suderman

  36. The Franz Tiessen Genealogy updated  by Mayleen Thiesen Vinson  2001

  37. The Way It Was - The Peter U. and Helena (Schmidt) Unrau Illustrated Story, 1906-1977  Their Fore-parents and Descendants.

  38. The John P. Unruh Story  by Wilfred Unruh

  39. The Peter Unruh Genealogy, begining with Unrau 1675-1981  Comp. by Ella Schmidt and Comm.

  40. Cornelius Voth and Helena Richert Voth Family Tree  Comp. by Stanley E. Voth 1979

  41. The Wedel Sister Genealogy, begining in early 1800's with Helena, Maria, and Eve, daughters of Cornelius and Maria (Schmidt) Wedel  Comp. by A. J. Frey and Comm.

  42. The John M. Wiens Family Memories 1877-2003  Comp. by Lois Friesen Huber and Dorothy Nachtigal Wiens

  43. Genealoby of Abraham and Justina (Friesen) Woelk, 1840-1981  Comp. by Elsie (Duerksen) Schmidt

Closed December through February.  

Open by appt. only during winter months. 620.367.8200

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There are also some books on Kansas history, Goessel history, and other books that have stories with Mennonite themes. These books can not be checked out.  They must stay at the Museum.

The Museum does have many books for sale with a lot of Mennonite historical information.

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