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Schroeder Barn 2019 Restoration Face lift
Open House Celebration was Sun. Aug. 4, 2019

Schroeder Barn family decendants.JPG
Schroeder Barn crowd at open house / Goessel Museum
Schroeder Barn Facelift.JPG
Galen Pankratz came for the Schroeder Barn celebration / Goessel Museum

We celebrated the face lift with barn stories and cookies. What could be more fun on a Sunday afternoon?

Congratulations to Cindy Wiens  She won the drawing for the Schroeder Barn painting on Sunday Aug. 5, 2018

And a big "THANK YOU" goes out to the many people that donated to the Schroeder Barn project.

Cindy W. wins Schroeder Barn painting
 Fern with Cindy W. winner of the Schroeder Barn painting

Schroeder Barn was moved in 1988.  The extended Schroeder family financed the restoration of the barn and did the work.

Schroeder Barn moving day | Goessel Museum

The Schroeder Barn was built in 1902 by Jacob J. Schroeder as a wedding gift to his son Jacob H. Schroeder and his bride, Susie Janzen.  The couple lived in the two rooms at the end of the barn for eight years.  Their four oldest children, delivered by Jacob's mother, (Margaret Schroeder, a midwife in the Goessel area) were born there.  In 1910 the Schroeders moved a house onto the farmstead, and the living quarters in the barn were converted to grain bins.

Cupola on Schroeder Barn/Goessel Museum
Schroeder Barn on origioal location/Goessel Museum

These are photos of the Schroeder Barn at it's original location., on the farm where it was built. Photo source: D. John Schroeder

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