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4-H kids made quick work of a lot of leaves April 22, 2019

Volunteers make New Years cookies for Threshing Days

Volunteers Sara H. and Joyce W. make New Years cookies for Threshing Days Aug. 2017

Janett W. keeps the flowerbeds under control

Janett W. volunteer's to keep the museum flower beds under control 2017

Goessel 4-H Service Day in April 2017. Members volunteered to help get grounds ready for summer at the Museum.

Mowing the Museum grounds | Goessel Museum

The Goessel area has received alot of rain this summer. We owe a debt of gratitude to the volunteer crew that keeps the Museum grounds looking well kept.

Mowing Crew :

Howard Birky (Museum board member)

Donavon Schmidt

Pete Unruh 

John Koehn

Lloyd Voth

Jim Wiens (Museum board mamber)

Connie Wiens (Museum board member)

John Janzen scrapes and paints the one-room School

In the month of July, John Janzen took on the big project to scrape and paint the South Bloomfield one-room school house.  

The Museum can only survive if we have volunteers to help. " Thank You John ! ! ! " And " Thank You " to any others that lent a hand here and there for this project.

Painting the South Bloomfield One-room School

John Janzen (Museum board member) seen painting during the month of July 2016

Because labor, paint, and other maintenance cost money - You can help our Museum stay on budget by donating.  Find out how on the Museum Support page.

Aileen Esau

Aileen does the food coordinating for most of the events at the Museum  

  • January's Museum Annual meeting faspa food and food for other planned faspas during the year

  • Biking Across Kansas baked potato bar supper  (this was an enormous job planning for a possible 300 meals)

  • Car Show food

  • Wednesday Pizza Night at the churches - workers and food

  • Country Threshing Days (plans food, finds and coordinates workers)

  • And if that isn't enough - she cleans up after all these events

Plus : Aileen is the Museum Treasurer

(this is not a volunteer position)

For all that you do for the Museum, we want to say "Thank you, Aileen".

Anna Beth Birky

Thank you, Anna Beth, so very much, for all the work you do that is seen and unseen at the Museum.

Steve is the Museum Board President

  • Museum Board President for several years

  • Makes sure that projects get done

  • Needs to be at every Museum event

  • Graphicly designs posters to publicize Museum events

  • Puts in many volunteer hours that are not visable

A big Thanks goes out to you, Steve, for all you do at the Museum.

Steve Banman

grills hot dogs at the Museum Car Show in June 2015.

Nelson Voth has many talents

  • Museum Board member for several years

  • Country Threshing Days set up, frying verenika for Low-German meal at Elementry School, and Threshing Days clean up

  • Ground maintenance, such as leveling the parking lot and has made framework for new Museum signs

  • Any Museum event sound hook up

  • Museum web site

  • Any Museum work day projects

  • Museum pizza night at the Alexanderwohl and Tabor Churches

  • A real musical treat is had when he brings out the harmonica

For all that you do for the Museum, we want to say "Thank you, Nelson".

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