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The Second Monday Family History and Genealogy Group

A group of Goessel area residents with a common interest in history and genealogy.  We meet once a month to share information about family history and history of the Goessel area.  Our purpose is to share and encourage each other in this effort.  We have no officers and no dues. We meet at the Museum where the door will be open and coffee provided.  If you would like to be a part of this group or just be informed about topics and times of meetings call Museum 620.367.8200, and have your email added to the list.

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Let's take a Look into the Past

Joe Goossen gave a program about the work that his son is doing in Ukraine.  Mr. Goossen showed slides form the same area where the Alexanderwohl Village used to be located.  He then presented a brick to the museum, that was taken from the rubble of the once Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church. 

Second Monday Genealogy Group meet June 12, 2017 met with a program given by Joyce Watts.  She wrote a story about a china cabinet and a table the tell their life story.

Second Monday Genealogy Group used the Brian Stucky "Trails" program as their meeting for the month of May.  It was held May 13, 2017

Second Monday Genealogy Group met April 2017 in the Prep School.  Anna Beth introduces a internet video about what ancestor stuff to keep and how to best store it.  

Second Monday Genealogy Group met March 13, 2017 at the 1906 Prep School, where Brian Stucky gave information about the least confussing numbering systems to use when compiling a family genealogy.  About 20 people attended and all enjoyed talking and sharing information.   

Second Monday Genealogy Group met in the Prep School Monday,  Feb. 13, 2017.  Fern Bartel once again continued to look up information for individuals within the group, on the website Rootsweb (a free site with links to  Individuals from the group shared information about what they had learned from recearch on their own. About 15 people attended and all enjoyed talking and sharing information.   

Second Monday Genealogy Group met in the Prep School Monday, Jan. 9, 2017.  Fern Bartel used information from individuals within the group, to look up ancestors on the website rootsweb (a free site with links to  About 25 people attended and all enjoyed talking and sharing information.   

Dec. 12, 2016  The Second Monday Group met at the Prep School for an informal Christmas gathering.  We watched an extra feature from the DVD " And When They Shall Ask " a movie about the Mennonites that stayed behind in Russia.  A once very prosperious region, lived through the Bolshevik Revolution during 1917 and on into WWI.  There were about 20 some people that attended and then the best of all - Christmas goodies and visiting.

Nov. 14, 2016  The Second Monday Group had Brian Stucky give his presentation "Grave Mysteries" a program that he gave at the Newton Public Library in Oct.  There were about 20 some people that attended.

Oct. 10, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  The Second Monday Group brought a project that they were working on.   They shared with the group--maybe asking for advice or telling of a sucess. About 15 or 16 attended and it lasted about 1 1/2 hours.  Location was the Prep School.

Sept. 12, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  At the Second Monday Group meeting Fern Bartel nee Schmidt showed the process for creating heirloom family books from the website, and also explained how to use the Museum website.  Location was the Prep School.

There are no meetings planned for the summer monthes of July and August. 2016

The group met at the Museum and was attended by about 20 people. On June 13, 2016 the program was given by those that attended the seminar Tabor College archives put on in May.  An intence day of Mennonite history and information about life in West Prussia, also websites available for the continued study about this topic.  

The group met at the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church May 9, 2016.  Judy Unruh, church historian, explained about the family and church records contained in the church vault. Researching this information 

may fill in gaps that individuals have in their own rccords.

For information on how to make an appointment with Judy; go to church website.

The April Second Monday Family History's meeting was a program about  Tammy Richert gave an hours' worth of tips and answered questions about her experience on  She has spent several years in the search for her own story.

The March Second Monday Family History meeting was presented by Dan Bergen.  He gave a very interesting history of the Springfield KMB Church, (which no longer exists).  It used to be where the "Recarama" is now on Hwy K-15.

The Second Monday Family History night meeting was on Feb. 8, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  The group watched a video on ideas and websites available for genealogy research.

The Second Monday Family History night meeting was on Jan. 11, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  The topic of the meeting was diary\journal-keeping ideas, and 2016 program ideas.

The 2014 December Christmas meeting

Second Monday Genealogy Group had an "Old Fashioned Christmas Program" in the Prep School December 8, 2014.

"Nun Ist Sie Erschienen" is a local favorite Christmas song, still sung in HIgh German at the area Mennonite churches. The melody can be heard below.  

Nun Ist Sie Erschienen - Dan Bergen & Nelson Voth
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