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Helping Out

Can you bake zwieback or cookies?  Baked items are needed for different events, such as Country Threshing Days or Wednesday pizza nights at two area churches.

Zwieback just out of the oven | Goessel Museum

In the summer the grounds need mowing.  But don't worry, you won't need to use the antique one pictured here, you can use the Museum's modern Hustler riding mower.  Plus, you can take the whole winter off.

  Can you see yourself as a volunteer ?

You can help by :
   1. Welcoming guests to the museum, (at the front desk), on Saturdays or an occasional weekday
   2. Doing office-type tasks
   3. Being a docent for tour groups
   4. Helping with special events

You don't have to dress in period costume.

You don't have

to perform.

All you need to bring with you is a sunny disposition.

We always need help at Country Threshing Days in August.  


   1. What if you could bake zwieback or monster cookies before Threshing Days and freezing them?  

   2. Would you like to make cherry moos (Friday morning) or help with New Year's cookies (Saturday morning)?  

   3. Or you might like to be a cashier or food server (Saturday noon).  

   4. And there is always an opportunity to help with set up and/or clean up of the grounds.


There are numerous other opportunities for helping at the

Museum any time of the year.  You, too, can help make the

Museum a success.


Give us a phone call or send an email for information on how you can become a volunteer.   WE WOULD ENJOY YOUR HELP.

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