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Rent the 1906 Prep School and add real old fashioned charm to your next event.



The Prep School can be rented for events at $35 per day.   It has kitchen and restroom facilities, but because of freeze dates, it may not be available in the months of Nov., Dec., and April.  (The Prep School is always closed and winterized between Jan.-Mar.)

Call 620.367.8200 or email Museum office for details.

Mennonite Heritage and

Agricultural Museum

1906 Prep School | Goessel Museum

Let's take a Look into the Past

2014-2021 Mennonite Heritage

and Agricultural Museum

Created by Fern Bartel nee Schmidt


1906 Prep School | Goessel Museum

Take a look at how this group decorated the 1906 Prep School for their evening event in Sept. 2016.