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Mennonite and Amish books include culture, life, history, and foods. 


Kansas history and travel books.  Agricultural history and books on rural living. 


Genealogy helps.  Including a 10-generation fan chart.


Made-in-Kansas products -  Quail Creek Copper (decorative metal work) 


Locally made crafts -  Barn Quilts painted by local woman,  Peppernut makers.


The Museum does not accept credit or debit cards.  Click to request ordering information.



We now have a slightly U-S-E-D local Mennonite church cookbook section. Come and see the selection.

Copper artwork | Goessel Museum

Quail Creek


We sell Peppernuts
and Peppernut Makers 

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Leave No Threshing Stone Unturned by Glen Ediger

Leave No Threshing Stone Unturned by Glen Ediger

Unique things at the Museum Store | Goessel Museum

Handmade for the Museum Store. Something new you won't find at the big box stores : Tea pot cozies, and matching coasters.

Cookbooks Museum Store | Goessel Museum
Books at Museum Store | Goessel Museum
Museum Store | Goessel Museum

Agricultural books and rural life in general

Mennonite life and Kansas travel books

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