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Russian Passport inside.JPG

Russian Passport


Young boys thought they would be able to catch fish on the voyage across the ocean

Fish Hook

Passport pg. 5 z.PNG
Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg

"Flow Blue" Cup and Saucer from Russia

Look in two different show cases

Every family brought a German Bible important to every Mennonite household


Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg
Look in two different show cases

worn for special events

This BASKET held toasted zwiebach for the family to eat on the voyage

Passport Russian apron.JPG
Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg


This spoon came for Russia

Metal "briefcase" to hold

important papers for the voyage.

Look in two different show cases
Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg

Pack everything your family needs for the trip to Kansas in this wooden chest. It is your "suitcase" 

Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg

Oral tradition said a Death Shroud was required by the Russian Government ;  

just in case you died at sea.

Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg

Every family had a treasured Wall Clock  wrapped up in a blanket for the trip

1835 Mennonite Family wall clock


For this clock write
in the

Hint: Look at two different
ends of building

 Mennonite Family wall clock toward
east end of building



Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg



In this display you can see photos along with tiles and a brick from the original Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church in Russia.

Russian Passport inside_edited.jpg

Blankets were important 

Wheat sieve brought from Russia

Look in two different show cases
Russian Passport cover inside.JPG
Passport name Jakob H. Bergen 2.PNG
Passport Russian Jacob Bergen.jpg
Russian Passport Scavenger Hunt  
Russian Passport inside.JPG
Lena Schmidt Schmidt         (Mrs. D.L.)
Russian Passport cover_edited.jpg
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the emigration in 1874 from Russia and the 50th anniversary of the 

Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum

What will you take, what will you leave behind?

Will you be a 15 year old young girl traveling with her oldest brother in order to help with his 3 children and pregnant wife? 

Will you be the nine year old girl who smuggles her doll along on the trip, sewn in the hem of her dress?  

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Lena Schmidt German script.PNG

While the photos, names and stories are real to the museum and this community, elements were assembled for historical fiction only.

Free for museum members
Nonmembers $5 per passport plus admission
200 N. Poplar
Goessel, KS 67063

Take a trip from
Russia to Kansas with the
Russian Passport 
Scavenger Hunt 
Nonmembers $5.00 per passport plus admission 
Free event for museum members

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