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Anna Schmidt geb. Unruh obit | Goessel Musuem
Heinrich A. and Anna (Unruh) Schmidt
Heinrich A. Schmidt obit | Goessel Museum
Helena Lehrman geb. Unruh | Goessel Museum

Heinrich A. Schmidt came from

So. Russia with the Alexanderwohl congregation in 1874.  He and his family would have stayed in the original immigrant house until they could build a more permanent house.

From time to time, this page will feature ancestors that settled in the Goessel area; so keep checking in. 

Heinrich A. Schmidt family display case | Goessel Museum

This is a photo of the Schmidt family display case in the Immigrant House.

Heinrich A. and Anna (Unruh) Schmidt | Goessel Museum

Anna Schmidt geb. Unruh was one of the original ancestors to emigrate from the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Village in So. Russia.

Heinrich A. and Anna (Unruh) Schmidt 

For an example of one of the first houses - click on this image.

Krause House | Goessel Museum

Helena Lehrman, nee Unruh, was an original ancestor of the Goessel community.

David and Helena Lehrman family case | Goessel Museum

This is a photo of the Lehrman family display case in the Immigrant House.

David Lehrman obit 1888 | Goessel Museum

David Lehrman was an  original ancestor who settled the Goessel community.

David is buried in the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church cemetery in the first row of the NW corner.  Helena Unruh Lehrman is buried in the same cemetery in the NW quarter, a few rows east of David's tombstone.

David and Helena (Unruh) Lehrman photo | Goessel Museum

David and Helena (Unruh) Lehrman

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