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The Museum is always interested in acquiring more genealogies.  If you have an extra one to donate (one we don't have) give us a call or stop by during Museum hours.

Ancestor Fan Chart available at the Musuem Store 

For more information about Mennonites and where to go for genealogy information, go to weblinks page.

Need help finding your Low-German Mennonite Ancestors ?


Do you have ancestors who were Low-German Mennonites from Russia?  The Museum has the GRANDMA database which includes the names of more than a million individuals. (Bring your ancestor's name, birth or death date, and we will see if it is in the database) 



We have many family genealogies from our area and you might find just the information that you were needing. The Museum has an area where you can sit and study this information undisturbed.  


Goessel also has a Second Monday Family  History and Genealogy Group that meets at the Museum the second Monday of the month.  If you give us your email, the museum can let you know the topic for that month and if the location of the meeting has changed. Those who attend Second Monday 

meet because they have a common interest in history and genealogy.  To find out what the group has done, click.

Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church historian | Goessel Museum

For information on how to make an appointment with the Alexanderwohl Mennonite

Church Historian, Judy Unruh, click church link below.

The Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church and cemetery are located just one mile north of Goessel on Hwy K-15.