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The Museum is open Summer Hours for May-Sept. 10-5:00 p.m. Tues.- Sat. Please call for special appointment. 620-367-8200 

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Special Art Show with Clarence and Martha Klassen thru end of Sept.

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Immigrant House replica

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Immigrant House replica | Goessel Musuem | Mennonite Museum


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 Wheat field near Goessel KS. | Goessel Museum | Mennonite Museum

Turkey Red, a Hard Red Winter Wheat variety, was brought from the steppes of Russia (by these immigrants) to the Kansas prairie.

The Museum tells the story of a group of Low-German speaking Mennonites who emigrated from Russia in 1874 and settled near present-day Goessel, Kansas.

The Agricultural part of the Museum features artifacts in the Turkey Red Wheat Palace that related to the progression of mechanization in farming from the 1800's to the mid 1960's.

F. A. Q. :

Windmill at sunset | Goessel Museum
Why don't I see any horses and buggies in town ?
Do all Mennonite women wear bonnets and dresses ?
If this is a Mennonite museum, why don't I see any "Mennonites" ?
What is that funny stone thing ?
What is a zwieback ? 
What is Faspa ?
What are New Years cookies ?
Threshing stone | Goessel Museum
Zwieback | Goessel Museum

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Zwieback for Faspa | Goessel Museum
New Years cookies | Goessel Museum
Peppernuts and cookbook | Goessel Museum

Come and visit our Museum. There are lots of things to learn. Museum hours are given at the bottom of the main pages.

Goessel, KS, is 11 miles north of Hwy K-15/I-135 interchange (Exit 34) at North Newton, KS.

See Google map on Contact Page.

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Each of the eight buildings comprising this

Open-Air Folk Museum tells part of the story.

Friesen House



Goessel State Bank

Ariel view of Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum


Prep School

1906 Prep School | Goesel Museum
Goessel State Bank | Goessel Museum
Turkey Red Wheat Palace | Goessel Museum | Mennonite Museum
Krause House | Goessel Museum
Friesen House | Goessel Museum

Schroeder Barn

South Bloomfield one-room school | Goessell Museum | Mennonite Museum

South Bloomfield

one room school

Immigrant House replica | Goessel Museum | Mennonite Museum
Immigrant House front door entrance | Goessel Museum

Turkey Red Wheat Palace

Immigrant House Replica

and Museum Store