Younger passport option 

Coin purse and table

cloth from Russia

Waffle iron that made waffles in heart shapes for a big family

Coin purse and table

cloth from Russia


Russian Mennonite family wall clock that was wrapped up in a 

This basket brought toasted zwiebach for the family to eat on the trip.


blanket, for the trip to Kansas

wore a black bonnet 


Mennonite women that were married in Russia 

Russian Passport

Lead spoon from Russia

Young boys thought they would do some fishing on the long voyage across the ocean.


Fish Hook


The German Bible was very important

in every Mennonite household 

This wooden trunk is your "suitcase". Pack all the things your family will need in a new land.

You will need warm

blankets for the trip


A young girl smuggled this doll into this country by sewing her into the hem of her dress.

Name the girl that hid the doll___________

Younger passport option 

Rev. Peter Voth and Katharina Unruh # 21

Peter Schroeder and Helena Voth # 22

Jacob J. Schroeder and Margaretha Hiebert # 38

Peter Buller and Anna Buller # 39 (a)

Elder Jacob Buller and Anna Schmidt  # 3

Peter Unruh and Sarah Schroeder # 12

Rev. Heinrich Goertz and Sara Pankratz # 9

Immigrant House Room at far west end of hall # I M

Immigrant Room